Wisam Saleh Al Kubeysi

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Wisam Saleh Al Kubeysi tarafından yapılan İslam Ekonomisi Perspektifinden Para Politikası Yapımında Devletin Rolü konulu konuşması

Mustafa Uçtu

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Mustafa Uçtu tarafından yapılan Barter E Trade konulu konuşması

Dr Kemal Aydın

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Dr Kemal Aydın tarafından yapılan İslam Dünyası Sağlık Ekonomisi ve Yönetimi Ortak Sağlık Yatırım Fonu konulu konuşması

Doç Dr El Hadi

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Doç Dr El Hadi tarafından yapılan sunumu

Prof Dr Mehmet Duruel

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Prof Dr Mehmet Duruel tarafından yapılan İslam Ülkelerinin Suriyeli Sığınmacılar Meselesine yaklaşımı Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme konulu sunumu

Sahar Zaki Kabel

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Sahar Zaki tarafından yapılan Ekonomik İş Birliği Siyasi Çatışmaları Sonlandırmak İçin Bir Yol Olabilir mi? konulu sunumu

Jaber Bakri Mohamednur Al SAIEG

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Jaber Bakri Mohammednur Al Saieg tarafından yapılan Kur'an'da ve Sünnette İktisadi Hayat Yön Veren Hükümler konulu sunumu

Prof Dr Ali Rıza Gül

01-02 Kasım 2018 Tarihlerinde yapılan 2. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongresi'ne konuşmacı olarak katılan Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Gül tarafından yapılan Fil ve Kureyş Sureleri Bağlamında İktisadi İşbirliklerinin Kur'an'daki İlkeleri konulu sunumu

Declaration II of The Second International Congress of The Islamic Union of ASSAM



We declare and manifest; in order to prosperity of the Muslim Nations, safety and survivability of the states which builded-up by them, establishing and continuation of the peace all around the World, domination of justice and getting out ofthe Islamic World again as a super power on the stage of history; it is required to be gathered under a will for the ISLAMIC COUNTRIES which approves ASIA-AFRICA "ASRICA" Geography as axis, therefore urgently establish "THE PARLIAMENT OF THE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES", which operates permanently, necessity of the implementation for the ECONOMIC COOPERATION SYSTEM OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES BASED ON ISLAMIC ECONOMICS which will enable the Islamıc World to reach the economic power it deserves.

a. We consider and stipulate The Tenets of Islam must be the basic principals for the central govemance.
b. We agree assigning "Ministers of The Islamic Union" to serve for establishment of The Islamic Union is indispensable.
c. We believe being the fırst step of The Islamic Union is forming "Parliament of ASRICA Islamic Countries" necessarily.
d. We think it is necessary to achieve the economic power that the Islamic World deserves, and for this, to implement ECONOMIC COOPERATION SYSTEM OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES BASED ON ISLAMIC ECONOMICS.
e. By the agreement's acceptance by the absolute majority of the number of Muslim states which has been recognised by the United Nations Organization, we agree and declare, constituting "Parliament of ASRICA Islamic Countries" is appropiate and necessary.
f. We require for Islamic States in order to join "Union of ASRICA Islamic Nations", 2/3 of the parliamentary majority or make desicions by absolute majority in the referandums.
g. We consider The Islamic Union to be established; Name, Regime, The Status of The President of the Union and Election Form, Offıcial Language, Flag, Capital; Legislative, Executive and Judicial Power; Forming of The Union's Legislative, Executive and Judicial Organs; Elections Procedures and Principles of Parliament Members, Budget and Compensating Procedures and Principles by the Member States; The Formation of Regional Structures, Authority and Responsibilities, the Matters 

Relating to the Authority and Responsibilities must be compatible with 

"Parliament of ASRICA Islamic Countries"


a. We accept and undertake, it is essential and necessary; a system of justice over the existing judicial systems of Member States and Regional Formations, Common Internal Security and Defense System and political relations with countries outside the Union conducted from the center.
b. We agree and undertake to support, for determining principles of Central justice, internal security, outward defence and forming foreign affairs, at the same time procedures and principles of its duties and responsibilities by the Parliament of Islamic Countries.

We agree in order for Islamic Countries to reach welfare level above world standards and to gain economic independence; using the technology of the era, encouraging production, based on the Exchange of goods and services, protecting the labor-capital-consumer, providing fair-based distribution, not affected by the manipulation of the global powers, autonomous currency circulation system, economic system is necessary to establish as the second step on the patlı towards the Islamic Union.

For this, we consider these necessary and obligatory;
a. Tablishment of customs union between Islamic countries,
b. Establishment ofa common market among Islamic countries,
c. Acceptance of the monetary union between Islamic countries,
d. Establishment of trade zones between the members of the union,
e. Obtaining the zekat institution a corporate identity under the control of states and evaluating this as a joint fund,
f. Establishment of the Commercial Chamber, Trade Courts and Foundations of the association, formation oflslamic electronic dinar currency (ASRICA dinar),
g. In line with the objectives of the union, the creation of a common market and joint production and R&D incentive fund in the state budget of each Islamic country,
h. Resource planning study with mutual investment fund against being exploited of the resources of Muslim states,
i. Establishing projects to reduce foreign dependency through the creation of a joint organization for R&D and Innovation activities,
j. Development of existing tourism potential among Islamic countries, development of models and programs for development of health tourism and other tourism activities,
k. Eliminating the needs of people living in the fasting border, providing economic developments and supporting the capacity building in the management mechanisms in many regions of Africa,

l. Establishment of co-operative-allied systems among Islamic countries, mınıng, energy, agriculture, transport and tele communications and food sectors and informing and supporting fınancial institutions operating under the slogan of Islamic banking,

m. Establishment of a common fınancial institution operating under Islamic rules and SWIFT system,
n. Taking measures to increase foreign trade volume between member countries between member countries by following a common strategy against industrialized countries,
o. Establishment of Trade centers, making and developing bilateral and multilateral preferential trade agreements between the Islamic countries,
p. The dissemination and development of "Barter Trade, Participation Banking, Cooperation System and Foundations" among the Islamic countries,
q. Increasing economic and commercial cooperation and liberalizing trade, increasing fınancial cooperation among free market institutions, intersectoral cooperation and direct investments and increasing efforts to reduce poverty,
r. lmproving the investment environment and increasing its competitiveness in international markets,
s. Elimination of some political barriers, economic system differences, internal and external instabilities and economic problems which are the main reasons that despite the wide range of potential cooperation and the availability of socio-cultural structure between Islamic countries, this potential is not used well and the lack of bilateral and inter-institutional co-operation among Islamic countries.
t. Development of cultural affmity in the combination of language, religion and history, creation of a strong political willpower are among the elements that can improve the economis integration between the regions.

5. In order to put an appropriate LEGISLATION MODEL related with "ASRICA Union of Islamic States" before ISLAMIC WORLD an appropriate legislation model,

a. Defense lndustry Cooperation
b. Common Defense System
c. Joint Foreign Policy
d. Joint Justice System
e. Common Public Security and Safety

We declare that we are committed to planning and implementation of Intemational ASSAM CONGRESSES with THEME ofthe elements above. 



ASSAM, The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center, carried out the Second International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress under the title of " Economic Cooperation Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union" on 01-02 November 2018.

As a result of ASSAM Congress, “Declaration of the Confederation of Islamic Countries”  was approved by ASSAM's Board of Directors and  was decided to share this Declaration with the public opinion in Turkey and Islamic countries.

The declaration was announced at a press conference on 18 November 2018 on the NGO's exhibition.

ASRICA Islamic Countries Union Confederal Republic Constitution (Model)

This (model) constitution determines the existence and the unity of Islamic countries in line with the understanding of the Ummah which determined by the Qur'an and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V).

The main aims of the constitution:

  • to gather Islamic Countries under a single roof
  • to live together spiritual values and glorify
  • to produce together material values and share


Prof. Dr. Niyazi BEKİ

23-24 Kasım 2017 tarihinde yapılan 1. Uluslararası ASSAM İslam Birliği Kongrelerine konuşmacı olarak katılan Prof. Dr. Niyazi Beki İslam Nizamı ve Demokrasi konulu sunumu


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