Islamic Economy and Common Economic Systems



The aim of International ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses is to make establishments on an academic and political basis concerning the current problems in world politics, especially in the geography of Islamic Countries and to present a state style to the decision makers about the institutions required for the collection of a will and the legislation of Islamic Countries.

The first of the International ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses was held with representatives of NGOs from 27 Islamic Countries and it was decided to ensure continuity as a result of consultation.

The main topics of the series of "International ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses", which were first implemented in 2017 by taking the main fields of activity of the states into consideration, and planned to be carried out every year, are as follows;

  • Establishment of the Legislation of the Administrative Structure and Organs for the Islamic Union (2017-made)
  • Establishment of Economic Cooperation Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union (2018)
  • Establishment of Defense Industry Cooperation Procedures and Principles for Islamic Union (2019),
  • Establishment of Common Defense System Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union (2020)
  • Establishment of Common Foreign Policy Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union (2021)
  • Establishment of the Principles and Procedures of the Common Judicial System for the Islamic Union (2022)
  • Establishment of Common Public Order and Security Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union (2023)


The above were selected and the institutions required to gather Islamic countries under a will and the legislation of these institutions are intended to be introduced as a model.

The First Congress was held in Istanbul, the center of ASSAM, in cooperation with Üsküdar University, The Association of Justice Defenders (ASDER) and the Islamic World NGO Association (IDSB) on November 23-24, 2017.

The First International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress was attended by representatives of civil society organizations from 27 Islamic Countries and academics.

At the Congress, abstracts and declarations presented by 31 academicians from 11 countries were published on the ASSAM website. (i)

As a result of the Congress, it was concluded that “the Parliament of Islamic Countries” should be established and each Islamic country should create the “Ministry of Islamic Union” through their Council of Ministers, the “Declaration of the Confederation of Islamic Countries” was approved by ASSAM's Board of Directors and was also approved by 109 NGO officers from 29 countries, 70 of which was from Turkey, and was announced to the world public opinion through the press. (ii)

Furthermore, a model constitution was drafted for the Confederation of Islamic Countries, taking into account the provisions highlighted in the declaration. (iii)


will be held in İstanbul with the participation of Üsküdar University (ÜÜ), Association of Justice Defenders (ASDER), The Union of NGO’s the Islamic World (UNIW), International Muslim Scholars Association (UMAD) and International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) on November 01-02-03, 2018 under the title of “ISLAMIC ECONOMY AND COMMON ECONOMIC SYSTEMS”.

The following congresses are planned to be held in different countries in cooperation with NGOs of Islamic Countries under the auspices and coordination of ASSAM.

The language of the congress will be in Turkish, English and Arabic. There will be a simultaneous translation in the presentation of the declarations. Abstracts and declarations will be converted into books and published on ASSAM web site, and the abstracts will also be published in ASSAM International Peer-Reviewed Journal (ASSAM-UHAD) in electronic format. The results of the congress, which will be prepared for execution, will be sent to decision-making mechanisms and to all guests and participants from the Islamic world, and will be published on the ASSAM website.


The Islamic geography of 60 countries, having 60 of 193 member states of the United Nations Organization (31% of the member states), 1.6 billion of the world's population of 7,145 billion (22.5% of the world's population), 19 million km2 of the world’s land of 150 million km2 (12.8% of the world's land) has the following with the block they formed when the borders between them are ignored:

  • Located in the center of Asia, Europe and Africa, known as the World Island;
  • Controls the Strait of Gibraltar which is considered as the entrance gates of the Mediterranean, the biggest inland sea of the World, Red Sea and Black Sea as well as Bab-El-Mandeb, Dardanelles and Istanbul Straits and the Suez Canal,
  • Has coasts to Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea,
  • Land and sea border neighbor to Asia, Europe and Africa continents, super powers of the world such as European Union, Russia, India, Russia and sea border neighbor to the United States of America.
  • Has the opportunity to become an unrivaled center of world land, air and sea transportation routes,
  • Owns 55.5% of world petroleum reserves and 45.6% of the production, 64.1% of natural gas reserves, and 33% of the production;
  • Has a potential power to be the superpower of the future by combining its geopolitical position, common civilization values and historical accumulation with its opportunities, efforts and goals.



The Islamic world, in its geography where it should be sovereign, has been turned into the front of the undeclared, insidious, dirty and asymmetric Third World War, where the elements of ethnic and sectarian differences within the unitary structures of each Islamic country are made fought with one another.

Terrorist organizations al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Anti Balaka in Middle Africa, Revolutionary People's Liberation Front (DHKP-C) and Communist /Marxist /Leninist Party of Turkey, PKK, PYD, FETÖ/PYD in Turkey, Al-Nusra Front, DAESH, PYD and Tahrir al-Sham in Syria, which have drowned Turkey and the Islamic geography in blood and tears and turned into ruins, operate in the control and support of the global powers.

Despite the advantages they have, Islamic countries have fallen into turmoil with the interventions of the imperialist Western states. As a result of this turmoil, great suffering and destruction are experienced in the Islamic geography. Millions of Muslims are forced to choose between leaving their homes and homelands or left to die. Thousands of Muslims die in different ways on the way of migration, while those who succeed in migration are forced to live in poverty and misery.

According to the data of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2016, only 5 million Syrian citizens have emigrated. This figure is even higher with unregistered refugees. Syrian refugees have migrated to Turkey (2.749.140), Iraq (249.726), Jordan (629.128), Egypt (132.275), Lebanon (1.172.753) and other places in North Africa. Apart from these figures, there are intensive attempts to migrate to Europe and most of them lose their lives at the Mediterranean Sea. Despite these disadvantages, the number of asylum seekers applied to Europe has increased to more than 270,000.

The Third World War continues as an undeclared war against the Islamic countries. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Muslims who were left without authority tried to maintain their existence by establishing small states, but they lost unity and togetherness so they became easy prey for the global powers. The United States, the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States aim to establish authority in Islamic countries in order to take over the Islamic geography by carrying out proxy wars (asymmetrical wars) through terrorist organizations they control.


Will be held in Istanbul on November 01-03 2018.

Topics related to the principles and procedures of Economic Cooperation for the Islamic Union will be examined under the heading “Islamic Economy and Common Economic Systems”.

The purpose of this Congress;

is to determine and develop the economic cooperation opportunities between Islamic Countries in the light of the provisions guiding economic life in Islamic Jurisprudence on the way to Islamic Union.

The topics of the declarations submitted by the academics attending the Second International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress shall be examined under the following headings for the clarification of the topics in Annex A:

  • Economics of Islam
  • Economic Potentials and Structural Characteristics of Islamic Countries
  • Economic and Commercial Cooperation Between Islamic Countries
  • Trade Volume and Potential Among Islamic Countries
  • Fundamental Economic Problems in Islamic Countries
  • Enhancing Cooperation Among Islamic Countries
  • Cooperation in Financial Sector


  1. Abstract submission deadline : 15 August 2018
  2. Announcement of accepted abstracts : 15 September 2018
  3. Submission deadline for full texts : 01 October 2018
  4. Date of Congress : 01-02-03 November 2018


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