ASSAM Congress '17 Announcement

 “With the motive of the welfare of the Muslim Nations, the future of the states they established, the peacemaking and settlement of the rule of justice in the world that could be achieved through the appearance of Islamic countries on world political stage as a super power; in order to provide Muslim countries the formation of strategic intelligence researches for each of them, individual and joint internal and external threat assessments, identification of internal and external security plan principles and institutions needed to gather under common will and to carry out intellectual activities that will ensure the formation and development of the principles of organization of these institutions”

ASSAM, conducting activities under these aims, plans to organize the first ASSAM International Islamic Union Congress – with the participation of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center Association, Üsküdar University, ASDER- Association of Justice Defenders and UNIW - The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World in Istanbul on 23-24 November 2017.

The main theme of the 1st International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress has been determined as “Governmental Regimes from Past to Future” which detailed information can be found in the attachment. Developments related to the Congress can be followed at

Many scholars and politicians from Universities of Islamic countries will attend to the Congress which will be held under auspices and participation of Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Persident of Turkish Republic. We would be delighted with your participation to the Congress. You can send your paper via “Paper Submission” link on the Congress main page. 


Chairmans of the Honor Board
Nevzat Tarhan     Ali KURT     Adnan TANRIVERDİ
Prof. Dr.   Attorney   R. Brigadier
Rector of Üsküdar University   UNIW Secretary General   Chief Consultant of the President of Turkish Republic
ASDER Chairman of the Board       ASSAM Chairman of the Board