2024 - 2027 ASRICA Islamic Union Model Seeking for Solutions to Crises Congress Series




Based on the idea that the prosperity of Muslim Nations, the survival of the states they established, the establishment of peace in the world and the dominance of justice are possible with the emergence of Islamic Countries on the world political stage as a superpower; to carry out intellectual studies that will provide;

  1. Muslim States; Creating a database regarding national power elements for each of them,
  2. Conducting individual and joint internal and external threat assessments,
  3. Determination of internal and external security plan principles and establishment and development of institutions needed to gather under a common will and the principles of organization of these institutions,



ASSAM Congresses; To make determinations on an academic and political basis regarding current problems in world politics, especially the Geography of Islamic Countries; to propose solutions to international, regional and local crises; To determine the necessary institutions for the gathering of Islamic Countries under one will and to create the necessary legislative models for these institutions; It aims to present a solution to the Islamic World and decision makers.

The First Series of ASRICA Islamic Union Model International Congresses was held as a series of seven international congresses between 2017 and 2023.

As a result of the seven congresses held, the necessary institutions for the Islamic Countries to form a Union were studied, and a legislative model and a model constitution for these institutions were established. The studies have been published on international platforms and at https://assam.org.tr and https://assamcongress.com




The main focus of the second congress series, which will be held in the 4-year period between 2024 and 2027, to propose solutions to the crises in the regions concerning the Islamic Geography. The topics were chosen as follows;

  1. ASRICA Islamic Union Model "Seeking a Solution to the Crises in the Middle East - ODBIF and North Africa - KABIF Region" Congress (2024)
  2. ASRICA Islamic Union Model "Seeking a Solution to the Crises in the Europe - ABIF and Near East Asia - YDABIF Region" Congress (2025)
  3. ASRICA Islamic Union Model "Seeking a Solution to the Crises of the Central Asia - OABIF and South East Asia - GDABIF Region" Congress (2026)
  4. ASRICA Islamic Union Model "Seeking a Solution to the Crises in the East Africa - DABIF, South West Africa - GBABIF, North West Africa - KBABIF Region" Congress (2027)

The congress series to be held between 2024 and 2027 is called ASRICA Islamic Union Model Seeking for Solutions to Crises Congress Series.

The congress language will be Turkish, English and Arabic. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the presentation of the papers. Abstracts and papers will be compiled into books and published electronically on the ASSAM Congress WEB Site, and the papers will also be published electronically in the ASSAM International Refereed Journal (ASSAM-UHAD). Those who send papers to our congress and want to have their papers published in our ASSAM International Refereed Journal (UHAD) must prepare their papers in accordance with the paper preparation format of our refereed journal and upload them to the system via the link below. The link to the peer-reviewed journal is https://dergipark.org.tr/assam. Papers/articles will be published in the peer-reviewed journal after going through the referee process.

Congress Result Reports to be prepared for execution will be sent to decision-making mechanisms and all guests and participants from the Islamic World and will be published on the ASSAM Congress WEB Site.