The Main Theme Of The 1st International Islamic Union Congress Of ASSAM: Government Forms From Past To Future

The Islamic lands owned by 60 Islamic countries constitutes the 60 out of 193 member states of the united nations (31% of the members), 1,6 billions out of 7,145 billions of world population (22,5% of the world population),  19 million km2 out of 150 million km2 of world lands (12,8% of world lands). When the boundaries are ignored, the Islamic geography constitutes a bloc which:

Is found at the centre of Asia, Europe and Africa known as the world island;

  • Controls the Gibraltar, Bab-el Mendeb, Dardanelle straits which is assumed as entrance doors to the world’s largest inland sea of the Mediterranean, the Red and Black sea and Suez canal;
  • Has a coast to Atlantic, Indian ocean and Mediterranean, the Red, Black and Caspian sea;
  • Has a border neighbourhood via land and sea to Asia, Europe, Africa continents, and to great powers of the world assumed as super powers such as European Union, Russia, India, China, and to the United States Of America through sea;
  • Has the capacity of being a center of world without any alternative in road, air and sea transportation routes;
  • Has 55.5% of world oil reserves and 45.6% of its production, 64.1% of natural gas reserves, and 33% of its production;
  • Has a potential power which is ready to be a super power of the future by uniting its all possibilities and efforts with its geopolitical position, common civilization values and historical accumulation.

The Islamic world where it should be sovereign in its geography, each of the Islamic countries were became an area of unannounced, secret, insidious, dirty and asymmetric third world war where all they are forced to fight due to the elements of ethnic and sectarian diversity within the unitary structures.

Despite the advantages it has, Islamic countries have experienced a great unrest by the interventions of imperialist western states. As a result of this chaos, great suffering and sorrow have been come through in Islamic geography. Millions of Muslims immigrate to the places where they believe safe by leaving their homes and lands. During migration, thousands of Muslims have died, on the other hand the people who had the ability to survive are being obliged to live in poverty and misery.

According to data of 2016 of United Nations high commissioner for refugees, only 5 millions of Syrian citizens have migrated. This figure is even higher with unregistered refugees. Syrian refugees have migrated to turkey (2.749.140), Iraq (249.726), Jordan (629.128), Egypt (132.275), Lebanon (1.172.753) and other places in North Africa. Apart from these numbers, an intense immigration attempts have been lived and a majority of them have lost their lives in Mediterranean. The number of application of asylum seekers has been more than 270,000.

The third world war is maintained as a war not declared to Islamic countries. After the collapse of the ottomans, the Muslims whom left rule less tried to continue their existence by establishing small states, however they became weak as they lost their unity. The United States Of America, the European Union, the commonwealth of independent states aims to establish authority by conducting asymmetric war through the terrorist organizations they control over Islamic countries in order to obtain Islamic geography.

The aim of this congress is to discuss under what kind of administration the Islamic union can be achieved by researching administration forms of both Islamic countries and western countries on the basis of security and justice by considering the countries Muslim refugees have preferred.